Bellicosity [noun]

Definition of Bellicosity:


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Sentence/Example of Bellicosity:

Russia’s bellicose response suggests there can be no reset with NATO.

Amazon’s and Roku’s distribution disputes with NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia have been the most explicit examples yet of streaming’s bellicose state of play.

"Honey swat key Molly pants," returned Mr. Pottle with a touch of bellicosity.

The other day the first sergeant, a theologian of a wholly unsuspected bellicosity, called upon the squad leaders to report.

Madame de Pompadour had just procured for herself a support in her obstinate bellicosity.

It is an irony of history that Serb bellicosity and nationalistic dreams gave rise to the modern Albanian state.

We opine that there is more bellicosity than science among your highbrows.