Bellies [noun]

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This tube comes with two tow points, which means you can sit back and relax as your boat pulls from your feet or go for a more adventurous ride by lying on your belly and holding onto the chariot.

Otherwise we ought to crawl on our bellies, hold fast to anything different from ourselves—as positive adheres to negative—and never clean our rooms.

The authors first honed in on an acupoint called ST25 near the belly region.

In its belly, scientists found mostly fern leaves along with small amounts of palmlike cycads and conifer needles.

The vehicle spun its two front wheels to shove under its belly the seeds that had been ahead of it.

There is a companion who condoleth with his friend for his belly's sake, and he will take up a shield against the enemy.

In the beautiful modelled violin this is provided for in the rise of the back and belly.

Delancy caught it with one arm and a belly and passed it back through the door to Squid Murphy who was standing just outside.

The bridge should be fitted as accurately as the post, and as though it grew from the belly, the feet touching equally all round.

No hard feelings, chiseler, but I sure would like to put a couple of slugs in your belly!