Belligerence [noun]

Definition of Belligerence:


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Sentence/Example of Belligerence:

Muriel Harding shrewdly surveyed the scene before her, a glint of belligerence in her eyes.

The instant she noted the change from sarcasm to belligerence 262 in Leslie Cairns tones, she became ready to speak and act.

Aunt Martha looked at him over the rims of her spectacles, wonderment in her gaze—perhaps a little belligerence.

The callers had aroused belligerence in Jerry, Ronny and Muriel.

She was gazing at the intruder with belligerence, not hauteur.

The old tradition demands that national loyalties and ancient belligerence should continue.

The little lawyer glared at me a moment, and then the belligerence faded out of his face.

But the knowledge appeared merely to increase his belligerence to an insane fury.

She seized her skirts with both hands and advanced upon the lady from Ypsilanti with belligerence.

It was the voice of the little girl-thrush lifted in blue-jay belligerence now.