Belligerencies [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Belligerencies:

The diplomatic section shall negotiate with the foreign cabinets the recognition of belligerency and Philippine independence.

In spite of her high state of belligerency, Beatrice is evidently very proud of her interesting family.

"My niece will decide that, and not you," he returned with surprising belligerency.

But instead of arousing belligerency, they aroused an almost frantic agitation.

Senator Morgan's bill for recognizing the belligerency of Cuba has been debated in the Senate.

The next move of a world power, toward belligerency, came in the Far East.

On May 13, he met the official announcement that England recognized the belligerency of the Confederacy.

Mr. Luce noted these signs of belligerency and braced his firedog legs.

The German confronted him with blood-shot blue eyes that ceased to smile and clearly welcomed the belligerency.

He put a sandwich back into his basket untasted, an ominous sign of how belligerency was overcoming appetite.