belligerent [adjective]

Definition of belligerent:

  • Hostile and aggressive.
  • Engaged in warfare or conflict.

Synonyms of belligerent:

Opposite/Antonyms of belligerent:

Sentence/Example of belligerent:

His belligerent attitude made it difficult to have a constructive conversation.

The belligerent nations were on the brink of war.

She became belligerent when someone questioned her authority.

The dog’s belligerent behavior made it difficult to approach.

The belligerent student was sent to the principal's office for fighting.

His belligerent stance on the issue alienated his colleagues.

The belligerent tone of the debate made it hard to reach a consensus.

The belligerent driver shouted at everyone who crossed his path.

Their belligerent actions led to a long and costly conflict.

The belligerent protestors clashed with the police outside the building.