Belligerents [noun]

Definition of Belligerents:

person who fights, is aggressive

Synonyms of Belligerents:

Opposite/Antonyms of Belligerents:


Sentence/Example of Belligerents:

During the first few weeks following the Cavite naval battle nothing remarkable occurred between the belligerents.

Dorothy was deeply moved, but was only too glad to be the means of restoring peace to the belligerents she had left.

In the Thirty Years' War both belligerents finally proved to be nearly equal in strength.

In the European war one of the belligerents, though at first meeting with reverses, in the end completely overcame the other.

In the Thirty Years' War nothing further was necessary; the exhaustion of both belligerents was sufficient to end religious wars.

From the positions of the belligerents, the "pass of the Ribble" a very probable site of the conflict.

This will give us some idea of the mode of proceeding between belligerents in those days.

"I tried to," modestly answered George, as if conscious that his efforts were of little avail with the belligerents.

But I had been wronged by both belligerents; and it was soon agreed, by mutual consent, to drop the whole subject.

The conduct of the continental belligerents was preying upon the vital interests of America.