Belling [verb]

Definition of Belling:

chime, clang

Synonyms of Belling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Belling:


Sentence/Example of Belling:

Conan realized with a crawling of his skin that beyond the wall the belling voice had ceased.

Above in the meadow the barking sounded very close, and now it was answered by a second canine belling.

And no wonder, for I think that even you will be startled the first time that you hear a big Stag belling.

Nestor: I suppose now, Mrs. Broderick, you went belling the case through the town?

It is said that one town alone was obliged to furnish the Prussian general, Belling, with fifty girls.

Silence fell, as it usually does when the question of belling the cat arrives at the practical stage.

He broke off a small twig and waited, while the hounds, belling lustily, came nosing across the meadow.

The belling of a stag had been music to Fionn, but when Saeve spoke that was sound enough for him.

Then arose the question, who should bell the cat, or rather, who should lead the cat to the belling.

Presently, echoing through the River Swamp, the hunting hounds set up their thrilling, deep-mouthed belling.