Bellman [noun]

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They were a very old family with whom Snecky Hobart, the bellman, lodged.

Trump was a game played with cards, as will appear by the following passage of Dekker's "Bellman of London," 1608, sig.

I can't send a bellman about, to cry aloud and proclaim in the streets what you are pleased to call my heroism.

The three signing their names are probably what we called bellman and beemen, collector, and heads of the swarm-enthusiasts.

In a very little while I was again walking by the Bellman House, completely togged out in new apparel from head to heel.

He instructed the beadle, who was also bellman, to ring for five minutes longer while they waited to see if John came.

The bellman warned all the citizens to take their dogs and swine outside of the walls, on pain of being killed.

The Court Leet still appoints the town's bellman in an informal manner; until lately he was reappointed and sworn in every year.

The speaker had a harsh voice, like a bellman's which has been ruined by shouting against crowds.

In the case of Stephen Gardener, who was executed at Tyburn, in 1724, the bellman chanted the above verses.