Beluga [noun]

Definition of Beluga:

aquatic mammal

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Sentence/Example of Beluga:

It has been noted that they are found in isolated pockets within that range and are not, like the beluga, widely distributed.

Like the other medium-sized whale in the same region, the beluga or white whale, the narwhal has no dorsal fin.

Among the creatures that visit the Lower St. Lawrence is the white whale,—beluga of the naturalists.

Soon the water is red for each beluga sheds eight or ten gallons of blood.

The enterprising Barnum exhibited in New York a beluga which drew a boat about in his aquarium.

At Boston another beluga from the St. Lawrence drew about a floating car carrying a woman performer.

The wide beach, bare at low water, and this point furnish an admirable combination for the beluga fishery.

Frightened by the noise the timid beluga's instinct leads him to make for the open water.

A skilful man will quickly strike some vital spot; otherwise the beluga struggles long.

The first they call red fish, which includes the beluga, the sevriuga, and the sturgeon.