Belying [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Belying:

Tony was gay, light-hearted as usual, belying Mrs. Haughstone's ominous prediction.

“I am not so weak that she could make me sign that paper,” cried Dick, his pale face and shaking hands belying his assertion.

Nehmon rose, his gaunt face and graying hair belying the youthful movement of his body.

Belying his war-like aspect he was harnessed to a child's express wagon which was loaded with milk cans and baskets.

She murmured many apologies, but the genius of fun danced in her saucy, almost impertinent eyes, belying her regretful words.

There was, indeed, something half childish in the attitude of the huge figure, strangely belying the ferocity in his heart.

Where there is less moisture and more exposure we may find the Rusty Woodsia, now belying its name by its silvery aspect.

He spoke knowingly, notwithstanding the Sekt and the smile with which he seemed to be belying his remarks.

For now he turned and looked at Taylor, his face solemn, but a white gleam of mirth in his eyes belying the solemnity.

They all take great liberties with history, thus belying the opinion of Sancho Panza that “the ballads are too old to tell lies.”