Bemoan [verb]

Definition of Bemoan:

express sorrow

Synonyms of Bemoan:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bemoan:

Sentence/Example of Bemoan:

Elected leaders at the state and local levels bemoan our housing crisis.

Rallying cries from opponents of housing reform bemoan that even modest increases in density are a threat to their community’s “character” or the “California dream of single-family home ownership.”

For years, marketers and agency execs have bemoaned some of the dated processes of the industry.

Schools were de facto the priority, as only they had a path to reopen – a fact that the mayor bemoaned in a lengthy letter about how desperately businesses needed to open.

Of course, this isn’t a new realization brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, as agency leaders have long bemoaned the fee-based payment model that agencies still use today.

The English name was hateful, and he would rather die when Ireland was lost than live in England to bemoan it.

Even Catharine might never bemoan his wickednesses to her husband.

A young book-buyer might well turn out upon Primrose Hill and bemoan his youth, after comparing old catalogues with new.

I know that you bemoan the manner in which he has been brought up; but such late repentance must be avoided like poison.

O the many weeks that I have had to sit with my mouth in the dust to bemoan my own inward misery!