Bemoaning [verb]

Definition of Bemoaning:

express sorrow

Synonyms of Bemoaning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bemoaning:

Sentence/Example of Bemoaning:

Graceful vainly endeavored to recall him to life; then, bemoaning his fate, he fastened him with a pin to his hat like a cockade.

He knew that nothing could be gained by bemoaning the fate that had happened to them.

The mother left it on one occasion in the charge of a servant-girl, who sat bemoaning herself.

All that day he sat by the water bemoaning his ill-luck and praying for better fortune.

He sent wheat and money to the army, and went about bemoaning that his only son fought under the English flag.

Those who were left spoke only of the time when they, too, could go and they were bemoaning their misfortune in being young.

Papa is always bemoaning that there are not more of us, but mamma says if there were I would have to go without many things.

Baptiste was wringing his dripping clothes and bemoaning the loss of his prized musket.

Adams spent all his time bemoaning his fate, and haunted the old farm in a search of the will of Samuel Harrington.

But while Don Quixote was contemplating thus, the bachelor-knight kept bemoaning the fate he had brought upon himself.