bemuse [verb]

Definition of bemuse:

  • To puzzle, confuse, or bewilder someone.
  • To cause someone to be mildly amused or entertained.

Synonyms of bemuse:

Opposite/Antonyms of bemuse:

Sentence/Example of bemuse:

The complex instructions bemused everyone in the meeting.

His strange behavior bemused his friends.

The unexpected turn of events bemused the audience.

She looked bemused when she couldn't find her keys.

The professor's intricate explanation bemused most of the students.

The cryptic message left everyone bemused.

The unusual art piece bemused the gallery visitors.

The technical jargon used by the engineer bemused the laymen.

His peculiar question bemused the panel of experts.

The magician's trick bemused the children.

The unexpected question from the interviewer bemused the candidate.

The dog's antics bemused its owners.

The movie's plot twist bemused the viewers.

Her bemused expression indicated she didn't understand the joke.

The mix-up in the schedule bemused the entire team.