Bemused [adjective]

Definition of Bemused:


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Sentence/Example of Bemused:

The truth is, I have a little lost my way, and stand bemused at the cross-roads.

But his trembling nervous fingers and bemused eyes could make nothing of the "case" thus so suddenly brought before him.

After a time I exchanged it for one of the volumes of sermons, only to be equally bemused.

She led him, unresisting but bemused, towards the gate, and into a confectioner's.

Harky pondered a question that has bemused all great philosophers: how can humans be so foolish?

The thought of raising the bid of five hundred gold to a thousand or more had bemused him, blunted his ordinary cunning.

His bemused wits turned desperately to concocting a conciliatory tale.

Beneath the blond tumble of hair, her blue eyes watched him, her lips toying with a bemused smile.

A more wandering, blundering piece of dreary repetition never bemused an audience.

The associate editor gazed down at his bemused principal for a time.