Benders [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Benders:

The boy was hurt; my heart went out to him, for the memory of my own sock-ball and tickley-bender days came back to me.

Mary finally yielded the point, and gathering up the crumpled jacket, started in quest of Billy Bender.

The next time Mary raised her head they were opposite Mrs. Bender's, where Sal declared it her intention to stop.

Billy Bender was standing near her, his arm thrown around her, and his lips occasionally pressing her forehead.

Your friend, Bender, gave me permission to visit the ‘hardened young criminal.’

You and Jake Bender go over there and practice for five minutes.

Snodgrass eventually struck out and then Bender broke into a laugh.

Thou bender of the thistle of Lora; why, thou breeze of the valley, hast thou left mine ear?

Messrs. Milholland, Bender, and the other rock throwers came up shouting, and were ill received.

Then Theseus shouted to him, "Holla, thou valiant Pine-bender, hast thou two fir-trees left for me?"