Bendiest [adjective]

Definition of Bendiest:

physically malleable

Synonyms of Bendiest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bendiest:


Sentence/Example of Bendiest:

The mouth rose subtly at the corners and, though Bendy never seemed to smile outright, it conveyed the same humor as the eyes.

Don noticed that the rum the bartender poured for Bendy was 151 proof and the portion was a generous one.

Clark introduced Don, who saw that close up Doc Bendy's face was full and firm rather than fat.

Doc Bendy was an imposing old gentleman of more than average height and magnificent girth.

She looked from Bendy to Don, but they seemed to consider discretion and masklike faces the better part of candor.

Bendy nodded and the kangaroo-like creature inclined his furry head in acknowledgment to Alis and Don.

The Burgau wings, which are inclined very far forward, are: "Bendy of six argent and gules, charged with a pale or."

Old man Henry Bendy, he my marster and he run de store here in Woodville and have de farm, too.

"It's quite possible his people don't have individual names," Bendy said.

Doc Bendy was hurrying out of the Riverside Inn as they reached it.