Bends [noun]

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Adjust the screen’s brightness and contrast for comfort, and find a chair with arm rests that allows your child to sit with knees at a 90-degree bend and feet flat on the floor.

I began to recognize the slight bends in each trail and measure distance by landmarks like couches and paint cans.

Bend, Oregon, via Central Oregon Most Oregonian visitors envision moss-covered trees and a verdantly green and dense tree canopy that lends itself to rain more than snow.

The largest, just around the bend from Cymric 1Y, started in 2003.

It covers your backside when you need to pee in the desert—every female hiker knows what it’s like to try to time a bathroom break before someone rounds the bend—and it protects you from the sun while your swimsuit dries out.

But there was no shadow ahead of him this night; there was no somber thing to bend down the high serenity of his happy heart.

Malcolm reined up, and soon a British officer appeared round a bend in the road.

Perry Thomas parted from us at the gate, and we stood watching his retreating figure till we lost it at the bend.

We heard Aaron Kallaberger's stentorian tones as we clattered around the bend.

The boy's knees began to bend under him, and he was reaching a long, thin arm out behind hunting for the bench.