Benedicites [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Benedicites:

And Stephen actually came too, murmuring that it would be the Benedicite, which he had never minded.

Benedicite once occurs as a word of five syllables, where Theseus drawls it out to express his wonder, A 1785.

The party sat down to table, then, Doa Angela said the benedicite and the chocolate was served.

Bene: the first syllables of Benedicite; here the charm begins to work.

He made use of the ordinary formula in asking permission to speak, 'Benedicite.'

The gentle tone of his benedicite, told me that he had come on an errand of sympathy.

Benedicite, what a straunge syght is this, me thinke I se Bachus in a lyons skin, Poliphemus with a boke in his hande.

“Benedicite,” murmured the counterfeit priest, turning away to avoid the scrutiny of the approaching group.

"Benedicite," said Father Clifford, who never neglected religious etiquette on any occasion.

The benedicite of the Druid woods, always appreciated by the few, like Lowell, is coming to be understood by the many.