Benedictions [noun]

Definition of Benedictions:

closing prayer

Synonyms of Benedictions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Benedictions:

Sentence/Example of Benedictions:

Those who have not received the benediction are pressing and elbowing each other to get near the altar.

Those who have received the benediction are instantly away to the Opera House or the wood of Boulogne.

The Rokurreas rose with one accord, and each turned to the men he was near to give them his parting benediction and salutation.

Let us take farewell like men, without a murmur and without a tear, and let me receive the benediction of a father before I die.

Man had wedded himself to Nature, and his works seemed to receive her seal and benediction.

The proceedings of the day end with a benediction at an altar erected in front of the Htel de Ville.

Harvey bent down, and, with the parting breath of his parent, received the parting benediction.

The ceremony was quickly over, and as the clergyman closed the words of benediction the clock told the hour of nine.

The calm and peace which Emerson knew, we know; the perpetual benediction of past years which Wordsworth felt, all may feel.

That song had been the keynote to her new life, and it seemed now as if it were also to be the final benediction.