Benedictus [noun]

Definition of Benedictus:

closing prayer

Synonyms of Benedictus:

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Sentence/Example of Benedictus:

From holy or blessed thistle (Carduus Benedictus) by displacement with cold water.

She was present when Zacharias, his speech restored, uttered the Benedictus in thanksgiving for the birth of his son.

Whether he killed off Father Benedictus, the first author, is not affirmed; but the latter died during the controversy.

He had been baptized under the name of Benedictus, or the Blessed.

Si vis me esse in luce sis benedictus, si vis me esse in tenebris sis iterum benedictus.

Early editors chose to republish this collection of Ansegisus and Benedictus as they found it.

The Benedictus is unusually grave for a chorus, but is relieved by the easy grace of the violins.

The Sanctus and Benedictus are short, fine contrapuntal movements, the Benedictus especially simple and full of grace.

A voluntary is always played here instead of the Benedictus; I took the idea of the Sanctus and carried it out as a fugue.

Benedictus, a civil officer of some kind in the City of Pedon, guardianship of his children assigned to Theriolus, i. 36.