Benefactions [noun]

Definition of Benefactions:

charitable donation

Synonyms of Benefactions:

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Sentence/Example of Benefactions:

These chests were a kind of Mont de Piété, and to found them was at first the favourite form of benefaction.

A second chaplain was subsequently added by the benefaction of one William de Homelyn.

But though the most rigid economist might not have objected, would Burns have accepted such a benefaction, had it been offered?

The history of the Philharmonic Societys benefaction may properly be completed at this point.

I'll write to Whelpdale, and let him know that his benefaction has extended even to Sark.'

So we depart in the comfortable glow of benefaction, rather than in the calmer consciousness of indebtedness baldly paid.

To these it may not be very impertinent to suggest a remembrance of the old alderman of Lynn's kindly benefaction.

When he was fairly inside the Thacher kitchen, the benefaction of his presence was felt by every one.

Under his benefaction the celebrated William Pinkey was educated and made a man.

Such a refuge from the perils of the saloon and the street is an immense benefaction in any neighborhood.