Benefactors [noun]

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The first cultivators of the vine, history praises as benefactors of mankind and propagators of civilization.

So Socrates must meet the fate of all benefactors who make themselves disliked and hated.

In everything which pertains to Art they were benefactors of the human race, and gave a great impulse to civilization.

They will remember the names and deeds of their foreign benefactors as well as of the American patriots of '76.

According to him Keats and Pushkin are benefactors not because of their beautiful verses, but because of other reasons.

Mr. Jefferson, happening by mistake to pass over one of the many names of benefactors, and, presto!

"Well, let's be public benefactors then," said Dennis in a melancholy tone.

The lion-hearted monarch was one of the many benefactors to the order of the Temple.

It is only another instance of the ingratitude of rural communities toward their benefactors.

Yet all does not seem to produce the proper gratitude on the minds of the English towards their benefactors.