Benefactresses [noun]

Definition of Benefactresses:

female donor

Synonyms of Benefactresses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Benefactresses:

Sentence/Example of Benefactresses:

As soon as they arrive, Inkle goes and sells his benefactress in the slave market.

Anna in trembling accents thanked her kind benefactress, and hastened to present it to her father as Mrs. Meridith's gift.

Now I do not wonder at your father's agitation at meeting one who reminded him of his lost friend and benefactress.

She rapidly acquired sufficient influence to supplant her benefactress.

I rejoiced for my benefactress, I rejoiced for the tender and affectionate Edith.

We cannot, perhaps, very readily excuse the way in which he has occasionally treated the memory of his mistress and benefactress.

Mr. Hayes has never forgotten his benefactress, and his youngest daughter bears her name.

Madame Sainte Marguerite was highly honoured in the kingdom of France, where she was a great benefactress.

She had it in her power, after Granvella's expulsion, to become the benefactress of the Belgian nation, but she did not.

By twelve he looked fierce, as if he meant to write his benefactress, and give her a piece of his mind.