Beneficences [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Beneficences:

When it comes to impartial beneficence dilemmas, we see the same pattern.

I am thankful and I marvel at the surpassing beneficence of the ever-blessed Trinity, who conferred on thee this privilege.

In a God who tempts us, or who permits us to be tempted, do you behold a being of beneficence and sincerity?

One little trait recorded of him gives us a glimpse of the thoughtful beneficence of his character.

So he took them, and kissed the hands of the king, thanking him for his beneficence, and departed.

Have the spots upon the career of Bacon hidden the brightness of his general beneficence?

But how will you reconcile such a tremendous state of things, with the acknowledged wisdom and beneficence of the Deity?

Jerusha showed her strong teeth in a smile of wide beneficence, and rolled her great bulging eyes till Ethan quaked.

With pious fervor he described to his audience the glory, power, and beneficence of the Creator of the whole universe.

What a delightful scene for the philanthropist—what a blessed picture of British beneficence!