Beneficently [adverb]

Definition of Beneficently:


Opposite/Antonyms of Beneficently:

Sentence/Example of Beneficently:

And who should not feel amazed at the backwardness of sinners to prepare for it—so free and beneficently offered?

Could her uncle have parted with the great sum—have shed it upon her, merely beneficently, and because he loved her?

That was where she came in and where her secret, her gift, would work now more beneficently than ever.

So beneficently is the physical world constructed, that our labour p. 211for sanitary ends is eminently productive.

In no other way can you obtain so much revenue so easily and so beneficently.

Of course every one thinks of himself as doing it beneficently—for the good of the world.

How frivolous and vain are the highest aims of Fancy and Science, when contrasted with a purpose so beneficently great!

It is light and noiseless, comfortably cushioned, always within call, and governed by a beneficently trifling tariff.

She congratulated herself upon the good which is thus beneficently permitted to spring out of evil.

What other quality, physical or moral, have we that could take the place of this beneficently despotic instinct?