Benefices [noun]

Definition of Benefices:

church jurisdiction

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Sentence/Example of Benefices:

Heinsberg had promised a certain benefice to Louis de Bourbon, the Duke's nephew, but gave it to another claimant.

In one instance Parker deprived a vicar of his benefice for a denial of the verbal inspiration of the Bible.

Having infringed this politic law, he was put in prison, defamed, and driven from his benefice.

Advowson, ad-vow′zun, n. the right of patronage or presentation to a church benefice.

For six years Jimenes held out, and at length in 1480 Carillo restored him to his benefice.

Or that giving a present of money to secure an ecclesiastical benefice is to purchase it?

The Oxford Clerk has no benefice because he has no interest.

Then he would also provide him with a good benefice, on account of his sainted father's faithful services.

When ordered abroad they could nominate a son, if capable, to hold the benefice and carry on the duty.

Would his lordship exercise his all powerful influence in the matter of that benefice or that promotion?