Beneficial [adjective]

Definition of Beneficial:


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Sentence/Example of Beneficial:

You’ll be surprised by how many responses you get and how beneficial the precursory information is.

“It was really beneficial because we got so many different questions and comments,” Melanie said, “and it meant that we really had to know what we were doing and really refine our strategy.”

“There’s not a lot of water that would be a significant contribution to the city of San Diego’s needs, but there’s a local source … that might be beneficial to keeping critical infrastructure operational,” he said.

While some products felt like inventions searching for a purpose, others had unique features that proved beneficial.

These mutually beneficial business relationships can save you money, which is gold for the businessperson on a budget.

Thus, managers involved in promotional content would find it beneficial to use Instagram’s effect on online marketing leads.

It is beneficial not to waste time and resources on internet communities that do not have any interest in your brand on products.

We have developed a system of collecting, processing, and responding to user reviews that is beneficial both for us and our customers.

To maximize your chances of visibility in these areas of SERPs, you should ensure that you have filled out all relevant information on your Google My Business profile, which will also be beneficial when it comes to your Google Maps appearance.

It would be beneficial to all Americans to educate themselves on financial matters such as debt, borrowing, saving and investing.