Beneficially [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Beneficially:

Remove the top dressing from the outside border, to allow the increasing power of the sun to act beneficially upon it.

It is quite possible that the primordial excretion may have been beneficially increased to serve the plant.

This bill seems to contemplate no end which cannot be otherwise more certainly and beneficially attained.

It would be difficult for the wisest to exercise powers like these beneficially; and it is to be feared that abuses have crept in.

Then privilege confounds confusion; the estates of favoured churches and nobles are beneficially hidated.

An open rate of wages would cause capital to be more beneficially employed.

Much information and even instruction may beneficially be imparted to those who need guidance in respect to emigration.

He uses, however, certain preparations of oil, which are sometimes beneficially administered in chronic cases.

And yet, my dear Critias, none of these things will be well or beneficially done, if the science of the good be wanting.

Horses in Norway have a very sensible way of taking their food, which perhaps might be beneficially followed here.