Beneficiaries [noun]

Definition of Beneficiaries:

person who gains, benefits

Synonyms of Beneficiaries:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beneficiaries:


Sentence/Example of Beneficiaries:

Since the announcement of this windfall we understand that the beneficiaries have been overwhelmed with offers of marriage.

The tin-type I hand you will give you some idea of how much one of the beneficiaries enjoyed himself.

And this was the beginning of the extraordinary will-making which was destined to stir up strife among the beneficiaries.

The public, the entire world, are long since the beneficiaries, and the benefits continue to be inconceivably vast.

And since the Consumers are the beneficiaries of labor's exertion, they are especially bound to effort in this direction.

They died on the same day, and their tombs were regarded as shrines by their sorrowing beneficiaries.

The great western cities and the remote farmers were the immediate beneficiaries, of course.

Still one fails to conceive that the practice can be devoid of disadvantages even to its beneficiaries.

The families of substitutes were not made beneficiaries of this fund.

On April 1, 1869, the University opened with thirty students, twenty-eight of whom were beneficiaries.