Benefited [verb]

Definition of Benefited:

help, enhance

Synonyms of Benefited:

Opposite/Antonyms of Benefited:

Sentence/Example of Benefited:

From a utilitarian’s standpoint, for example, whichever proposal will do the best job at maximizing benefit and limiting harm to all people is the best approach.

Both are guided by concerns about ethics, fairness, maximizing benefits, building trust and the greater public good.

The government has agreed to pay injury compensation benefits to nearly 3,500 federal employees on grounds that they contracted the novel coronavirus while at work, and has granted death benefits to survivors of 14 employees for that reason.

Both are guided by concerns about ethics, fairness, maximizing benefits, building trust, and the greater public good.

These projects show clear returns on investment and benefits.

That’s primarily because of the sizable spending required, the public nature of many of the benefits, and the potential uncertainty of such investments.

She finds that while many scientists are conducting studies to see if certain supplements can reduce symptom severity, hospitalizations or deaths, it’s still not clear whether there’s going to be any benefit.

It was, I believe, between $12,000 to $14,000 a month in benefits for each restaurant that we decided to keep paying our employees’ insurance.

To chip away at the problem, and protect their bottom lines, employers are bulking up child care benefits for workers.

The November deadline also now applies to parents who receive Social Security, survivor or disability benefits, SSI, Veterans Affairs or Railroad Retirement benefits and who did not get the extra $500 payments earmarked for dependent children.