Benefiting [verb]

Definition of Benefiting:

help, enhance

Synonyms of Benefiting:

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Sentence/Example of Benefiting:

The federal government informed Virginia this week that it is halting extended unemployment benefits that are available only when a state meets certain standards for economic hardship.

Ashish Jha, dean of Brown University School of Public Health, testified in support of those findings that “dozens of studies” failed to find any benefit to hydroxychloroquine.

If you buy shampoo bars, but need to use ten times as much water to get the suds out of your hair, you may end up cancelling out the benefits of reduced packaging and shipping weight.

A bit like masks, you won’t get much benefit from the exposure alerts unless the people around you also have them turned on.

Last year the FECA program paid about $3 billion in benefits to more than 200,000 people.

The recommendation is a blow to Gilead’s drug, which was one of the first thought to offer a meaningful benefit in treatment of coronavirus patients after a study showed it reduced their recovery time.

The number of people on Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation, a program made available to those who exhaust their state benefits, typically after about six months, continues to swell as the pandemic grinds on.

McDonald’s was in the top five of employers with employees receiving federal benefits in at least nine states.

Improvements in processes, greater investment, new resources and the implementation of technology solutions can all lead to significant benefits.

The program will fund the reporters’ salaries and benefits for three years as they produce important investigative projects from their home newsrooms on topics affecting their communities.