Benet [verb]

Definition of Benet:

capture, involve

Synonyms of Benet:

Opposite/Antonyms of Benet:

Sentence/Example of Benet:

The knight was out; probably, or rather certainly, not yet returned from his counting-house in St. Benet's Sherehog.

Katharin was sent home from nurse Maspely, of Barnes, for fear of her mayds sicknes, and goodwife Benet gave her suck.

And with equal sincerity, Benet, I promise you I will not give that signal for my death until it is needed.

St. Benedict is often shortened to Benet, as in the name of several London churches.

I have not yet had time to hear much of their tour, except a grand dinner given them at Mr. Benet's.

Little Benet interrupted the bishop's sermon by announcing his mission.

It appears to have been attached from the first to the ancient Church of S. Benet.

But may you not as well foil him by shooting the bolt of the trap-door, Benet?

Well, Benet, what the plague has brought you from your ship?

Surely you do not intend to let him enter by that trap-door, Benet?