Benevolence [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Benevolence:

He was sheriff of Paris, 1770, and employed his leisure in objects of benevolence, till the revolution overwhelmed him.

He mentioned the name of a woman well known in Summerville for strong character and wise benevolence.

It changed all the benevolence of her nature into wrathful bitterness and unmitigated contempt.

To all of this Mr Dean listened in perfect silence, patiently, and with a smile of universal benevolence.

In manners affable, and in benevolence unsurpassed, the Kentucky planter gains the plaudits of all.

Benevolence—or more correctly speaking, a universal affection—was one of his chief characteristics.

Who is there in this wicked world who would not consider a character for active benevolence cheap at a shilling?

Clara fixed upon Coronado's face a gaze of compassion and benevolence which was almost superhuman.

Before the conclusion of it, I had another specimen of French manners and French benevolence.

The composed features of the officer relaxed into a smile of benevolence, and he grasped the hand of the peddler firmly.