Benevolently [adverb]

Definition of Benevolently:


Opposite/Antonyms of Benevolently:

Sentence/Example of Benevolently:

Elizabeth, whose life receives the majority of attention, believed that she could become a benevolent practitioner who would spare female patients from exposing themselves to male physicians.

Wherever possible, leaders must employ the benevolent conformity Americans seem to gravitate toward and respect.

Alternatively, they can choose to be remembered as benevolent innovators.

The Professor, passing benevolently on, was glad he had now enough money to carry out his projects.

Charity is usually represented with a babe in her arms—going to place it benevolently upon a rich man's doorstep.

Whatever bit of a wise man's work is honestly and benevolently done, that bit is his book or his piece of art.

The stout clergyman in the immaculate white collar beamed benevolently at the questioner and shook his head with a gentle smile.

Hoyle, as a pup, was treated benevolently by all the others, and entered the fellowship of the other three when he grew up.

Wong T'sin was not altogether benevolently inclined towards the universe on his return a little later.

Miss Bremer was more genial than I have seen her—played on the piano, and smiled benevolently.