Benignity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Benignity:

And with him was old Lord Gervase Scoresby, his friend and cousin, the very incarnation of benignity and ruddy health.

The great man smiled again, with a more intolerable benignity than before.

And the man looking on the woman saw one whose brow had all quiet, whose heart had all benignity.

It was perhaps the feeling of his great strength, of his possible fierceness that gave the touch of benignity to him.

The gentleness and benignity of his disposition never made him forget what was due to discipline.

She stood retired behind the flower-pots, and veiled her benignity with the leaves of palms.

The speaker folded his hands and beamed down at them; he seemed fairly to radiate benignity.

These words caused the master to smile with benignity, for who is insensible to the praise of his own house?

He drew up to the table, partook of the ice cream and cake, and greeted his friends and neighbors with charming benignity.

Columbus, pleased with their gentleness, suffered them to scrutinise him, and won them by his benignity.