Benignly [adverb]

Definition of Benignly:


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Sentence/Example of Benignly:

There are also programs that focus on industrial chemicals, helping factories switch from using potent greenhouse gases in their operations to more benign alternatives.

It can be difficult to determine whether these symptoms are a result of covid-19 or something more benign, such as allergies.

The benign weather should continue Sunday before a strong and quickly moving storm system dumps a good amount of rain on us for Monday.

Researchers find that these positive emotions experienced with humor and laughter correlate with appreciating the meaning of life and help older adults hold a benign view of difficulties they’ve faced over a lifetime.

However, while it is possible that these autoantibodies are benign, or even helpful in a yet-unidentified manner, it’s also possible that they aren’t.

The problem sparks when a viral strain, normally happily living in a bat, pig, or rodent, completely benign, mutates enough to be able to infect humans.

Losch opened his mouth to say more, but Beardsley lifted a palm at the screen and smiled benignly.

She surveyed it from an inaccessible height, turning very sweetly and benignly from her bliss.

Miriam benignly gazed—it was the perfection of indirectness.

Mammy continued to smile upon him benignly, and her smile proved as disconcerting as she meant it should.