Bennies [noun]

Definition of Bennies:

pill with stimulant

Synonyms of Bennies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bennies:

Sentence/Example of Bennies:

He lifted the lamp from his cap again and held it up close to Bennies face.

The light of hope flashed up in Bennies breast with the thought.

The whisperings of conscience were drowned in the anticipation of Bennies joy.

The giants huge hand dropped upon Bennies little one, and held it in a painful grasp.

He knew that for him Bennies answer meant either a return to a measure of the old happiness, or a plunging into deeper misery.

An besides that, my life aint worth savin any way, alongside o yours an Bennies.

Besides this, it was his place, as the older and stronger of the two, to be very brave and cheerful for Bennies sake.

Bennies father frowned, but the visitor smiled a cordial smile.