Benny [noun]

Definition of Benny:

hard drug

Synonyms of Benny:

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Sentence/Example of Benny:

Benny was never too cross to listen to the wonderful stories his sister Violet could tell about Cinnamon Bear.

Benny tumbled into it with a great sigh of satisfaction, while his sisters tucked the hay around him.

The children were so hungry that they tore it with their teeth like little dogs, but Benny was nearly crying.

"Come and get a clean towel," said Jess, who noticed that Benny was already "picking into" his own mouth.

Benny and Violet scrambled through the underbrush to the place Jess pointed out, and investigated.

Meanwhile Benny looked on with great delight as Watch tried to bury his bone with only one paw to dig with.

Benny actually found four wheels, exactly alike, probably from the same cart, and insisted upon carrying them back.

And here was Benny, curled up sound asleep on the ground with the dog for a pillow.

But never did a little boy hand dishes to his sister so carefully as Benny did.

Milk suited Benny very well, however, so the older children allowed him to drink rather more than his share.