Bens [noun]

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But Decker's and Ben Jonson's works abound in allusions to tobacco, its uses and abuses.

I never see sech hosses; 'n' they're jest like kittens; they've ben drefful pets, I allow.

I can hardly help laughing at this myself; for, Se non e vero, ben Trovato!

Ben Jonson loved the 'durne weed,' and describes its every accident with the gusto of a connoisseur.

Captain Hallongton had taken the trouble of finding out Black Ben's manner of doing business and had laid his plans accordingly.

If it hadn't been for 'em we colored folks would have ben in a mighty bad fix.

He wears the same corduroy pants that Uncle Ben gave him on his twenty-first birthday.

You'd a ben down dah in de woods widout any dinner, en gittn' mos' drownded, too; dat you would, honey.

"Wonder where the boy is," added Ben, feeling as good as any one, but rather doubtful how others might regard him.

Then seating the little girls on one side, Ben and the dog on the other, took the head herself and told her guests to begin.