Bequeathed [verb]

Definition of Bequeathed:

give in a will

Synonyms of Bequeathed:

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Sentence/Example of Bequeathed:

The thing bequeathed must be described with sufficient clearness to identify it, nothing more is required.

He soon afterward gave fifty thousand a year for this work, and a million bequeathed for the cause at his death.

To whomsoever of my ancestors bequeathed me my power of detachment deep salaams!

As he was carried along he made his will, in which he bequeathed his detestation of popery to his friends and brethren.

But what was he to do, what means could he employ with a child that a worshiped wife had bequeathed to him in dying?

He got it from his Mother, and bequeathed it in a marked manner; his posterity to this day bearing traces of it.

I may have had a fishing ancestor who bequeathed to me the passion without the art.

His valuable library, also, he bequeathed for the same object.

Every penny of my Uncle John's vast wealth is bequeathed to you in the legal document you hold in your hand.

Gladly would I have resigned the wealth he so nobly bequeathed me, if by so doing I could have recalled the dear old man to life.