Bequeathing [verb]

Definition of Bequeathing:

give in a will

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Sentence/Example of Bequeathing:

It was the hand which wrote unknown to your uncle that letter to your solicitor, bequeathing itself to you.

An allusion to the legal forms of conveying and bequeathing property in the middle ages.

But a few States still permit such wills made by persons in extremis, and bequeathing a limited amount of property.

He conceived the idea of bequeathing his property to the state.

By our example, Bequeathing misery to such as love it, Learn to be happy.

But even more striking evidence of the high value set upon books is the care taken in selling or bequeathing them.

But they do not usually think of bequeathing to their grandchildren rights which have never had any existence for themselves.

Yet the neuters, being barren females, never have an opportunity of bequeathing their instincts to progeny.

At the court in Las Vegas he had discovered that Bransford had made a will, bequeathing the ranch to his son.

He died on the 4th of July 1714, bequeathing his large private library to the grand-duke, who in turn handed it over to the city.