Bequeaths [verb]

Definition of Bequeaths:

give in a will

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Sentence/Example of Bequeaths:

One first step was to figure out whether this Hopkins was the same man who had bequeathed the gift.

Even before they die, supergiants seem to bequeath material to the next generation of stars.

When you have something very good, as good as Americans have it, they have to learn to fight to keep it and protect it, just like anything that is bequeathed to you.

A testator may bequeath property to a trustee who shall select the objects of the testator's bounty.

I also give and bequeath to my beloved wife the dwelling-house and lot on which I now reside.

We can finish nothing in this life, but we can make a beginning, and bequeath a noble example.

But he could not bequeath political capacity to his colleagues, nor could he eradicate many bad traditions of long standing.

The sepulchre of Machpelah was the sole possession in the land of his adoption which he could bequeath to his descendants.

Other princes esteem it a peculiar felicity to bequeath to their children the crown which death is already ravishing from then.

What business has any man to bequeath a conundrum to all posterity, unless he leaves in some separate channel the solution?