Bequest [noun]

Definition of Bequest:

something given in will

Synonyms of Bequest:

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Sentence/Example of Bequest:

Launched at the start of the 20th century with a bequest from the man who invented dynamite, the Nobel Prizes have often proved explosive.

This latter, however, includes some 500 volumes of the Herries bequest.

Dividends that are declared after a grant or bequest, though earned before, go to the legatee as income.

A bequest of money securities includes a note secured by mortgage.

This woman had three sisters, four brothers, and three uncles, who would have shared with her the pauper's bequest.

Few members of the Society, perhaps, are aware, either of the bequest or of its annual payment.

The extension to land of the powers of bequest gave the possessors greater facilities for disposing thereof.

A bequest was made to the evangelical church in Homs by one of her members who died in Egypt.

Some singular conditions were attached to this bequest by the Archbishop.

It was the abolition of feudal privileges which was really the permanent bequest of the French Revolution.