Berate [verb]

Definition of Berate:

criticize hatefully

Synonyms of Berate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Berate:

Sentence/Example of Berate:

All brands berate us with ads that promise to make us happier, healthier, smarter, and safer.

Several of the callers berated Campbell for fighting for the job.

He remembered a game in which Ashley Ingram, Navy’s running game coordinator and offensive line coach, was berating the blockers for poor play before Forney stepped in.

For every viral video that makes it clear a customer was out of line for berating store employees, there’s a customer who may lie in a Yelp review and say they were treated unfairly by store employees.

I overheard him soundly berate a mother who kept her children too much indoors.

Once in port, they began to berate the Genoese for his foolhardy scheme.

He was sure Mildred and Nan would berate him, but he felt as though there were weights on his feet.

Hearing Ed Hall berate a farmer who doubted the practicability of the machine, Steve took him aside and talked to him.

Going to one of them, the one who had declared his intention of joining the union, Jim began to berate him.

Gabord, still muttering, turned to us again, and began to berate the soldiers for their laziness.