Berated [verb]

Definition of Berated:

criticize hatefully

Synonyms of Berated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Berated:

Sentence/Example of Berated:

Passengers berate flight attendants about their noncompliant cabin mates.

After the vote, the two Republicans had to face a lineup of poll workers, clerks and voters, who berated them for declining to certify an election in which 878,000 people had voted.

So the name of a street has become the much-berated canteen of the sutler and the much needed canteen of the soldier.

Weary and exasperated from her day among the jostling shoppers, she berated David in loud and angry voice.

She berated Raleigh before her ladies, and forbade him to come to court.

The policeman was a friend of Bridget's, and she berated the "durty varmints," who ruined her week's washing.

His voice rang out in the masterful way she had so often berated to Julie.

He berated his bungling, fumbling, thoughtless notions and cursed himself for trying to help Penny by the "loco" means he'd used.

And Kitty, after a short talk, berated her affectionately for her independence, and rose to go.

Never was a well-intentioned scribe so berated and ridiculed as I, never a simple news gatherer so discredited.