Bereavements [noun]

Definition of Bereavements:

death; loss

Synonyms of Bereavements:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bereavements:

Sentence/Example of Bereavements:

Loss, where she was concerned, involved a permanent and irremediable bereavement—no substitute was conceivable.

In moments of utter bereavement who has not felt, to the heart's core, the tender attachment of a faithful dog?

For the moment the child was hers, she suffered pangs of maternal bereavement that seemed to tear her breast and twist her heart.

I hand on your own advice to you in case you have forgotten it, as I know one is apt to do in seasons of bereavement.

One outward sign only remained of his late bereavement—his mourning dress.

Mr John Forster felt his bereavement more deeply than could have been supposed.

At this allusion to her bereavement Mrs. Campbell burst into tears, and motioned Hannah from the room.

But of late years I—I—since my bereavement—have practically withdrawn from society.

There life had been very kind to him, and there his darkest moments of bereavement had been fought through, survived.

I fancy we are all common people when we are sick, or in bereavement, or in adversity, or when we come to die.