Besmirches [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Besmirches:

His Pucelle is a diabolical attempt to besmirch the pure character of Joan of Arc.

I will idealise you until you besmirch yourself—but you are no child, to do that unknowingly.

She had remained silent that she might not besmirch her father's name, and also, perhaps, that she might protect the other woman.

Soil it—yes; besmirch it, render it superficially unclean, unfit, nauseous—yes.

He had come to Italy to redeem the name of the house of Gobignon, not besmirch it further.

Also I want to besmirch the rich, by designating them by a slang expression.

It was too beautiful to risk or endanger or besmirch with any danger of scandal.

She had nothing but her reputation, and I was about to besmirch it!

But let anyone again besmirch the character of Don Anastasio!

But Diaz cares immensely about the fair name of Mexico, which they knew they had done for years all they could to besmirch.