Besom [noun]

Definition of Besom:

device for cleaning floors

Synonyms of Besom:

Opposite/Antonyms of Besom:


Sentence/Example of Besom:

When I had washed my foster-sister's feet I took a besom and began to sweep the floor of the house.

The wind favored them, and a besom of flame swept over the devoted town until over one-half of it was laid in ruins.

They had not; but, search being made, sure enough, each husband missed a besom and a riddle.

The notorious besom or broomstick is an instrument in the operations of witchcraft common to all the Aryan nations.

It was seen during the months of November, December, and January, and was called "the fiery besom."

Its teeming population has been swept away by the besom of Jehovahs wrath.

It made me think of the Scriptural phrase about "the besom of destruction."

His eyes fell upon the Venus, and in an instant he had rushed upon her and struck her two blows with his wooden besom.

Dr. Faustus practised black magic, and the besom-steeds carried witches from the Brocken far and wide into all lands.

Our text oddly misprints 'besom' for 'bosome:' the latter reading in 1646, 1648 and 1670 vindicates itself.