Besotted [adjective]

Definition of Besotted:

very drunk

Synonyms of Besotted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Besotted:


Sentence/Example of Besotted:

But I declare this king worthy of being confined as a madman if he were so atrociously besotted.

She beheld an unknown Jenkins, wild-looking, stammering with a besotted laugh and outraging hands.

The besotted world is not worth the pother this foolish young married woman makes over it.

You are all besotted—hag-ridden—drunkards sitting in the stocks, and bowing down to the said stocks, and making a god thereof.

Appreciation, fairness were all very well, but this besotted heroine-worship was a little pitiable.

Those who do not venerate their poets, and have respect to the early history of their country, are a dull, besotted people.

I could not rely upon my companions in slavery, besotted as they were with the fear of the devil and unnerved by misery.

The drunkard soon becomes besotted, and is shunned even by the convivial.

The idea was scarcely suggested than it was fastened upon by the wanton imaginations of this besotted crew.

Can it be That Contarino could be so besotted, As to admire this prodigy!