Bespake [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Bespake:

The broad shoulders and ample waist bespeak the splendid strength of the goddess.

Many of the pictures now displayed in exhibitions bespeak a close intimacy between the painters and the fishermen.

The remains, like those around St. Piran's, bespeak a somewhat dense population.

The wonderful claims these people bespeak for them are not to be believed by any intelligent man.

She had now, however, bought sufficient experience to bespeak a chaise against his return.

In many places along this coast, there are old mounds of rubbish, or piles of stones, that bespeak former buildings.

We do not hesitate to bespeak for it the widest circulation and the most earnest attention.

They are the youth of the best quality in France; their air and manners seemed to bespeak it.

These simple words, in the circumstances in which they were uttered, have some degree of grandeur, and bespeak unalterable peace.

In the interim, I continued to visit Mrs Gerrarde as usual, and took care to bespeak her for a partner.